Assessment is the most important part of all the session's as the outcome will dictate  the future techniques and tactics of the therapy.

Sometimes  you might not be aware of what is actually causing the state that you are experiencing therefore;

  • Age Regression and/or
  • Discovering Cause

Techniques might be used later on in the theraphy. These techniques  can uncover the past experiences that influenced your current state.

There are no two cases that are the same, so your treatment is designed and created uniquely for you.

Dependant on the course of the treatment the next sessions will be dedicated to giving you tools to cope with stress and anxiety progressing towards building up your self-confidence, self-esteem, and finally realising healing and relearning.

The therapy program is flexible to suit your needs; I will advise  what the best approach is, but it is your choice.

Some outcomes can be accomplished in two or three sessions, but sometimes as the session progresses, it can become apparent that more sessions are necessary to accomplish the healing.

In depth therapy can make real changes for the better, but it  needs time and commitment to work.

Holistic Integrative Therapy

Holistic Integrative Therapy

Is a form of healing that considers the whole person (parts)- Body, Mind, Spirit, and Emotions.

I believe that there is a strong connection between all parts and when one part is negatively affected other parts suffering the consequences.

These consequences can be experienced in various forms such as prolonged stress, anxiety, addiction, emotional imbalance, panic attacks, nightmares, phobias, but as well the psychosomatic pain, high/low blood pressure, arthritis, heart conditions, epilepsy, cancer and other.

In my practice, I am looking for factors that are contributing to your problem and to realise you from them, using Hypnotherapy, Hypnoanalysis, Cognitive, Gestalt, Behavioural and Mindfulness integrative techniques that will give you the tools to bring balance within you and in result health, energy, and freedom.

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